The Committee

Grand Master
Jon 'Nipple Deep' McGurk

Joint Masters

Chamber Pot

Angie 'Minnie' Lynch

Dave 'Scrotey' Sykes

Amy 'Fobbed Off' Trower Hash Cash

Hare Master

Hayley 'H' Sampson

Nicky 'Spit Ends' Sellers

Beer Master

Hash Horn

Steve 'Dodo' Darbyshire

Ben 'Good Head' Towe

Hash Flash


Melissa 'Womble' Pinfield

Brian 'Naughty Boy' Martin Webmaster

Roger 'Pimp' Thorn

Life Pee'ers
Angus 'Agnes' Colville Chris 'Bloodnock' Laurence-King  
Hereditary Pee'ers
  Sara 'Shortcut' Laurence-King Simon 'Trehanrehan' Trehane  


(If your name does not appear below - watch out, you could be on the next committee!)

Grand Master Sarah 'Fergie' Cohen
Joint Masters Peter 'Von Trapp' Jones
Hash Whipper-in Paul 'Glani' Glanville
Chamber Pot Nicky 'Underlay' Pratten
Chamber Pot Dave 'Scrotey' Sykes
Hash Cash Alan 'Pist 'N' Broke' Eddie
Scribe Master Jake 'Ginger Nuts' Boswijk
Hare Master Diann 'Can't Remember' Davis
Hash Horn Matt 'Chopper' Hampe
Hash Grogpot Roger 'Cabin Boy' Smyly
Hash Flash Ann 'K2' Marcer
Hash Tag Julie 'Commando' Williams
Webmaster Roger 'Pimp' Thorn
Grand Master Jerry 'Hot Rocks' Rickeard
Joint Masters Angela 'Gannet' Sykes
  Sarah 'Pony' Jones
Chamber Pot Nicky 'Underlay' Pratten
On Sec Tracy 'Sausage Pincher' Donnelly
Hash Cash Tricia 'Posh Pinny' McGurk
Scribe Master and Religious Adviser Stirling 'Spike' Way
Hare Master Mark 'Scupper Sucker' Preston
Hash Horn Martin 'Vlad the Composter' Hampton
Hasherdabber Lily 'Mudsucker' Loo
Hash Flash Steve 'Hurricane' Davis
Hash Tag Julie 'Commando' Williams
Webmaster Roger 'Pimp' Thorn
Grand Master Roger 'Pimp' Thorn
Joint Masters Julie 'Dirty Oar' Gitlin
  Bill 'Lost' Stacey-Norris
Chamber Pot Hayley 'H' Sampson
On Sec Dave 'Scrotum' Sykes
Hash Cash Sarah 'Fergie' Cohen
Scribe Master and Religious Adviser Steve 'Hurricane' Davis
Hare Master Simon 'Slush' Snowden
Hash Horn Damian 'Omen' Weaver
Hasherdabber Ben 'Good Head' Towe
Hash Flash Paul 'Stopcock' Waters
Hash Tag Julie 'Commando' Williams
Webmaster Roger 'Pimp' Thorn
Grand Master Jess 'Raunchy' Hilton
Joint Masters Stirling 'Spike' Way
  Paul 'Aimless' Ames
Chamber Pots Kate 'Biff' Glanville
  Simon 'Slush' Snowden
On Sec Chris 'Squits' Hall
Hash Cash Jon 'Nipple Deep' McGurk
Scribe Master and Religious Adviser Paul 'Stopcock' Waters
Hare Master Brian 'Naughty Boy' Martin
Hash Horn Paul 'On the Khazi' Storey
Hasherdabber Heather 'Sister Sludge' Smyly
Hash Flash Paul 'Glani' Glanville
Beer Master Charlotte 'Footloose' Watson
Webmaster Roger 'Pimp' Thorn
Grand Master Kate 'Biff' Glanville
Joint Masters Ruth 'Mayhem' Arkle
  Colin 'Sturmeroid' Sturmer
Chamber Pots Steve 'DoDo' Darbyshire
  Sarah 'Pony' Jones
On Sec Jess 'Raunchy' Hilton
Hash Cash Angela 'Gannet' Sykes
Scribe Master and Religious Adviser Tony 'Tampax' Bairstow
Hare Master Ann 'K2' Marcer
Hash Horn Jon 'Dogcatcher' Watson
Hasherdabber Laura 'Embarrister' Sadler
Hash Flash Jake 'Ginger Rogers' Boswijk
Webmaster Roger 'Pimp' Thorn
Grand Master Mark 'Well Laid' Pratten
Joint Masters Matt 'Chopper' Hampe
  Bob 'Grandpa' Westlake
Chamber Pots Sarah 'Pony' Jones
  Peter 'Von Trapp' Jones
On Sec Brenda 'Cheddar' Cotterill
Hash Cash Hayley 'H' Sampson
Scribe Master and Religious Adviser Henry 'Turd' Thornton
Hare Master Charlie 'Wobbly Knob' Lloyd
Hash Horn Anna ' Hot Socks' Luff
Hasherdabber Tracy 'Racey' Windemer
Hash Flash Steve 'Hurricane' Davis
Grand Master Diann 'Can't Remember' Davis
Joint Masters Sarah 'Fergie' Cohen
  Treeve 'Bin Liner' Gillan
Chamber Pots Bruce 'Ernie' Trower
  Jerry 'Hot Rocks' Rickeard
On Sec Tricia 'Posh Pinny' McGurk
Hash Cash Roger 'Cabin Boy' Smyly
Scribe Master and Religious Adviser Bill 'Lost' Stacey-Norris
Hare Master Sarah 'Pony' Jones
Hash Horn Sam 'Erectus' Sparks
Hasherdabber Mark 'Scupper Sucker' Preston
Hash Flash Shelley 'Last Minute' Davis
Grand Master Simon 'Slush' Snowdon
Joint Masters Steve 'Krakow' Statham
  Mo 'On All Fours' Rujak
Chamber Pots Bruce 'Ernie' Trower
  Hayley 'Nine-Inch' Trower
On Sec Paul 'Aimless' Ames
Hash Cash Paul 'Stopcock' Waters
Scribe Master and Religious Adviser Angela 'Gannet' Sykes
Hare Master Kate 'Biff' Glanville
Hash Horn Alan 'Pist 'N' Broke' Eddie
Hasherdabber Mark 'Well Laid' Pratten
Hash Flash Elena 'Come Forward' Stamp
Grand Master Ruth 'Luffly' Luff
Joint Masters Dave 'Scrotey' Sykes
  Jon 'Dogcatcher' Watson
Chamber Pots Judith 'Gnasher' Nash
  Brenda 'Cheddar' Cotterill
On Sec Jane 'Plain Jane' Colwill
Hash Cash John 'Nipple Deep' McGurk
Scribe Master and Religious Adviser Mick 'Bumsen Burner' Peach
Hare Master Ruth 'Mayhem' Arkle
Hash Horn Lee 'Hornblower' Renshaw
Hasherdabber Jack 'Penny Farting' Southward
Hash Flash Ann 'K2' Marcer
Hash Cross Dresser Stirling 'Spike' Way
Grand Master Charlie 'Wobbly Knob' Lloyd
Joint Masters Judith 'Gnasher' Nash
  Simon 'Slush' Snowden
Chamber Pots Steve 'DoDo' Darbyshire
  Chris 'Ramraider' Lloyd
On Sec Erika 'Tosh Potty' Smith
Hash Cash Vron 'Sore Arse' Maynard
Scribe Master and Religious Adviser Paul 'Glani' Glanville
Hare Master Heather 'Sludge' Smyly
Hash Horn  
Hash Hypermarketeer Bruce 'Ernie' Trower
Hash Flash Stephen 'Frothy Top' Langton
Grand Masters Sarah 'Pony' and Peter 'Von Trapp' Jones
Joint Masters Nicky 'Underlay' Pratten
  Tony 'Barney Rubble' Barney
Chamber Pots Ruth 'Luffly' Luff
  Roger 'Pimp' Thorn
On Sec Kate 'Uncle' Royston
Hash Cash Kate 'Biff' Glanville
Scribe Master and Religious Adviser Diann 'Can't Remember' Davis
Hare Master Stephen 'Hobo' Hughes
Hash Horn Tim 'Bushcraft' Exley
Hash Hypermarketeer Sacha 'Streaky' Baker
Hash Flash Steve 'Hurricane' Davis
Grand Master Tony 'Tampax' Bairstow
Joint Masters Ann 'K2' Marcer
  Tim 'Tweedle Dee' Haley
Chamber Pots Ruth 'Luffly' Luff
  Roger 'Pimp' Thorn
On Sec Peter 'Arkwright' Thorp
Hash Cash Mark 'Scupper Sucker' Preston
Scribes and Religious Advisers Sarah 'Pony' Jones
Katie 'Bad Girl' Lenton
  Charlie 'Wobbly Knob' Lloyd
  Peter ' Arguilles' Argles
  Chris 'Ramraider' Lloyd
Hare Master Steve 'Hurricane' Davis
Hash Horn Tim 'Bushcraft' Exley
Hash Hypermarketeer Nigel 'Arse' Colwill
Hash Flash Angela 'Gannet' Sykes
Grand Master Bob 'Grandpa' Westlake
Joint Masters Dawn 'Caught Short' Statham
  Hayley 'H' Hargreaves
Chamber Pots
Helen 'Blossom' Stacey-Norris
  Roger 'Pimp' Thorn
On Sec Mike 'Oh Shite!' Smith
Hash Cash Rebecca 'Hot Fuzz' Dean
Scribes and Religious Advisers Diann 'Can't Remember' Davis
Lisa 'Greasy Rollocks' Sair
  Toby 'Doghouse' Clay
  Jon 'Dogcatcher' Watson
Hare Master Paul 'Aimless' Ames
Hash Horn Mike 'Bidet' Berry
Hash Hypermarketeer Ian 'Seaman Staines' Graham
Hash Flash Bill 'Lost' Stacey-Norris
Grand Master David 'Scrotum' Sykes
Joint Masters Paul 'Glani' Glanville
  Mark 'Well laid' Pratten
Chamber Pots
Steve 'Hurricane' Davis
  Roger 'Pimp' Thorn
On Sec Jane 'Plain Jane' Colwill
Hash Cash Mike 'P60' Woodley
Scribes and Religious Advisers Sharon 'Gladys' Thorp
Claire 'Crutchless' de Vries
  Mike 'Pervey' Fennel
  Ed 'Bogof' Weaver
Hare Master Brenda 'Cheddar' Cotterill
Hash Horn Martin 'Saucey' Perrin
Hash Hypermarketeer Steve 'Do Do' Darbyshire
Hash Flash Jerry 'Hot Rocks' Rickeard
Grand Master Steve 'Krakow' Statham
Joint Masters Kate 'Biff' Glanville
  David 'Scrotum' Sykes
Chamber Pots
Steve 'Hurricane' Davis
  Roger 'Pimp' Thorn
On Sec Judith 'Dubious' Ames
Hash Cash Pat 'Pusharder' Fitzsimmons
Scribes and Religious Advisers Martyn 'Delilah' Sampson
Loretta 'Pat on the Head' Francia
  James 'Nice Boy' Riggs
  Paul 'VD' Ross
Hare Master Judith 'Gnashers' Nash
Hash Horn Tracy 'Racey Tracey' Windemer
Hash Hypermarketeer Carlos 'Juan' Westaway
Hash Flash Nigel 'Whinge' Worsey
Grand Master Nicky 'Underlay' James
Joint Masters Ann 'K2' Marcer
  Tim 'Tweedle D' Haley
Chamber Pots
Richard 'Windy' Windemer
  Martin 'Exocet' Exley
On Sec Karen 'Mudpack' Haigh
Hash Cash Yvonne 'Miss' Hughes
Scribes and Religious Advisers Sacha 'Streaky' Baker
Tony 'Tampax' Bairstow
  Peter 'Von Trapp' Jones
  Bryan 'Ddddddddd' King
Hare Master Chris 'Ram Raider' Lloyd
Hash Horn Frank 'Fruit n Nut' Hazell
Hash Hypermarketeer Tony 'Barney Rubble' Barney
Hash Flash Charlie 'While Your'e Down There' Pearson
Grand Master Noel 'Taff' Kelleher
Joint Masters Nicky 'Underlay' James
   John 'Debarkle' Arkle
Chamber Pots
Richard 'Windy' Windemer
  Martin 'Exocet' Exley
On Sec Mike 'Wigglebum' Pearse
Hash Cash Sarah 'Pony' Jones
Scribes and Religious Advisers Julie 'Dirty Oar' Gitlin
Angela 'Gannet' Sykes
  Peter 'Arguilles' Argles
  Greg 'Vicar of Dribley' Stanton
Hare Master Steve 'Krakow' Statham
Hash Horn Stephen 'Hobo' Hughes
Hash Hypermarketeer Patrick 'Cannon Fodder' Lomax
Hash Flash Diann 'Can't Remember' Davis
Grand Master Bill 'Lost' Stacey-Norris
Joint Masters Julie 'Going Down' Radmore
  Simon 'Slush' Snowdon
Chamber Pots
Richard 'Windy' Windemer
Buffy 'Vampire Slayer' Rickeard
On Sec Martin 'Saucey' Perrin
Hash Cash Hayley 'H' Hargreaves
Scribes and Religious Advisers Claire 'Crutchless' De Vries
  Linda 'Luscious' Worsey
  Jochen 'BFG' Braun
  Paul 'Glani' Glanville
  Nick 'Luffous' Luff
Hare Master Bob 'Grandpa' Westlake
Hash Horn David 'Lurking' Northmore
Hash Hypermarketeer Tony 'Tampax' Bairstow
Hash Flash Roger 'Pimp' Thorn
Grand Master Dawn 'Caught Short' Statham
Joint Masters Beverley 'Pre-Wash' Smith
  Mike 'Raz' Rasdall
Chamber Pots
Mike 'Saddlesniffer' James
Pat 'Pusharder' Fitzsimmons
On Sec Hilary 'Edmund' Hogg
Hash Cash Angus 'Tosser 2' McCubbine
Scribes and Religious Advisers Mark 'Well Laid' Pratten
  Derek 'Dippy' Pearse
  Chris 'Ramraider' Lloyd
  Paul 'Buddha' Binfield
Hare Master Ian 'Wun Hung Lo' Lesley
Hash Horn Charlie 'Wobbly Knob' Lloyd
Hash Hypermarketeer Mary 'Granny Basher' Fulton
Hash Flash Judith 'Dubious' Ames
Grand Master Tracy 'Racey Tracey' McMahon
Joint Masters Nigel 'Whinge' Worsey
  Kate 'Biff' Glanville
Chamber Pots Ruth 'Luffly' Luff
  Pat 'Pusharder' Fitzsimmons
On Sec Adam 'No.29' Brown
Hash Cash Cathy 'Patsy' Ford
Scribes and Religious Advisers Karen 'Mudpack' Hague
  Noel 'Taff' Kelleher
  Martin 'Exocet' Exley
  Stirling 'Spike' Way
Hare Master/Hash Horn David 'Scrotum' Sykes
Hash Hypermarketeer Sue 'Buyf**kall' Graham
Hash Flash Ian 'Simpson' Nicholas
Grand Master Steve'Hurricane' Davis
Joint Masters Roger 'Pimp' Thorn
  Margaret 'Magna' Carter
Chamber Pots Judith 'Nashers' Nash
  Nick 'Luffous' Luff
  Peter 'Agiles' Argles
On Sec Mary 'Granny Basher' Fulton
Hash Cash Paul 'Aimless' Ames
Scribes and Religious Advisers Lyn 'G String' Lake
  Helen 'Blossom' Stacey-Norris
  Claire 'Crutchless' de Vries
  Chris 'Slasher' Hogg
Hare Master Jan 'Bat' Baylis
Hash Horn Steve 'Kakow' Statham
Hash Hypermarketeer Mike 'Wigglebum' Pearse
Hash Flash Martin 'Saucey' Perrin
Grand Master Brenda 'Cheddar' Cotterill
Joint Masters John 'Smutty' Graham
  Tony 'Tampax' Bairstow
Chamber Pots Viv 'Kacky1' Horton
  Tracey 'Racey' McMahon
  Ian 'Mad Mitch' Mitchell
On Sec James 'Silent' Head
Hash Cash Diane 'Can't Remember' Davis
Scribes and Religious Advisers Kevin 'Canoodler' Brown
  Jon 'Ecky Thump' Coupland
  Nicki 'Saddle-Bag' James
  David 'Long Johns' Johns
Hare Master Mike 'Saddle Sniffer' James
Hash Horn Simon 'Slush' Snowdon
Hash Hypermarketeer Jon 'Dogcatcher' Watson
Hash Flash Mark 'Well Laid' Pratton
Grand Master Stephen ‘Hobo’ Hughes
Joint Masters Jerry ‘Hot Rocks’ Rickeard
  Stella ‘Artois’ White
Chamber Pots Viv ‘Kacky1’ Horton
  Ian ‘Mad Mitch’ Mitchell
  Mike ‘Raz’ Rasdall
On Sec Linda ‘Miss Angry’ Gerard
Hash Cash Sue ‘Tonto’ Self
Scribes and Religious Advisers Hayley ‘H’ Hargreaves
  Helen ‘Psycho’ Lloyd
  Martyn ‘Delilah’ Sampson
  Helen ‘Blossom’ Stacey-Norris
Hare Master Carlos ‘Juan’ Westaway
Hash Horn John ‘Debacle’ Arkle
Hash Hypermarketeer Jane ‘Plain Jane’ Colwill
Hash Flash David ‘Pinky’ Sale
Grand Master Angela ‘Gannet’ Sykes
Joint Masters Rob ‘Bonking’ Ayland
  Elspeth ‘Scab Lifter’ Raitt
Chamber Pots Viv ‘Kacky1’ Horton
  Mike ‘Raz’ Rasdall
  Derek ‘Dippy’ Pearse
  Bill ‘Lost’ Stacey-Norris
On Sec Tony ‘Jelly Belly’ Chilvers
Hash Cash Wendy ‘Rebate’ Dodds
Scribes and Religious Advisers Brenda ‘Cheddar’ Cotterill
  Keith ‘Old Fag’ Scrivener
  Dawn ‘Caught Short’ Statham
  Nigel ‘Anorak’ Taylor
Hare Master Vicky ‘Mustique’ Llewellyn’
Hash Horn Dave ‘C5’ Sinclair
Hash Hypermarketeer Hilary ‘Old Banger’ Porch
Hash Flash Judith ‘Gnashers’ Nash
Grand Master Richard ‘Windy’ Windermer
Joint Masters Judith ‘Dubious’ Ames
  John ‘Firkin Jeffery’ Stapleton
Chamber Pots Angus ‘Agnes’ Coleville
  Derek ‘Dippy’ Pearse
  Bill ‘Lost’ Stacey-Norris
On Sec Steve ‘Krakow’ Statham
Hash Cash Amanda ‘Footwork’ De Salis
Scribes and Religious Advisers Geoff ‘Fat Controller’ Hughes
  Julia ‘JJ’ Johnson
  Ruth ‘Bed Pan’ Luff
  Kerry ‘Ironman’ Whittle
Hare Master Ian ‘Mad Mitch’ Mitchell
Hash Horn Roger ‘The Lodger’ Howell
Hash Hypermarketeer Roger ‘Pimp’ Thorn
Hash Flash Kate ‘Biff’ Glanville
Grand Master Paul ‘Glani’ Glanville
Joint Masters Neil ‘Scuse Me’ Campbell
  Dave ‘Hogweed’ Hargreaves
Chamber Pots Angus ‘Agnes’ Coleville
  Anne ‘Kacky 2’ Mitchell
On Sec Tony ‘Barney Rubble’ Barney
Hash Cash Tony ‘TNT’ Thompson-Hill
Scribes and Religious Advisers Steve ‘Brillo’ Adcock
  Claire ‘Crutchless’ De Vries
  Pat ‘Bear Down’ Popplewell
  Linda ‘Luscious’ Worsey
Hare Master Brenig ‘Lollipop’ Powell
Hash Horn Paul ‘Winalot’ Breen
Hash Hypermarketeer Jackie ‘Lips’ MacFarlane
Hash Flash Amanda ‘Five Star’ Hilton
Grand Master Colin ‘Sturmeroids’ Sturmer
Joint Masters Tracey ‘Racey’ Harvey
  Neil ‘Plankton’ Marcer
On Sec Ian ‘Wun Hung Lo’ Leslie
Hash Cash Cathy ‘Old Trout’ Breen
Scribes and Religious Advisers Tim ‘Tess’ Baskerville
  Jo ‘Cocker One’ Cronin
  Steve ‘Never Ready’ Faber
  Julie ‘Tiddles’ Thompson-Hill
Hare Master Charlie ‘Wobbly Knob’ Lloyd
Hash Horn John ‘Deep Throat’ Taylor
Hash Hypermarketeer Paul ‘Buddha’ Binfield
Hash Flash Helen ‘Wheelnuts’ Hardy
Grand Master Jan ‘Grand Mattress’ Baylis
Joint Masters Ceri ‘Porridge’ Busby
  Steve ‘Hurricane’ Davis
On Sec Mike ‘Wigglebum’ Pearse
Hash Cash Jeremy ‘Hot Rocks’ Rickeard
Scribes and Religious Advisers Tim ‘Timkerbell’ Bell
  Margaret ‘Magna’ Carter
  Buffy ‘Vampire Slayer’ Rose
  Richard ‘Top Secret’ Shotton
Hare Master Tim ‘Tweedle Dum’ Haley
Hash Horn Ian ‘Slap’ Hardy
Hash Hypermarketeer Ceri ‘Porridge’ Busby
Hash Flash Claire ‘Gobo’ Birch
Grand Master Nigel ‘Whinge’ Worsey
Joint Masters Chris ‘Glitter’ Dixon
  Esme ‘Mad’ Wills
On Sec Yvonne ‘Miss’ Hughes
Hash Cash Shirley ‘Five To’ McLeish
Scribes and Religious Advisers Ian ‘Farty’ Feldberg
  Mark ‘Arty’ Hancock
  Maggie ‘Pussy’ Noble
  Terri ‘Nursey’ Wildash
Hare Master Alan ‘Curly’ Strafford
Hash Horn Jon ‘Dogcatcher’ Watson
Hash Hypermarketeer John ‘Smutty’ Graham
Hash Flash David ‘Scrotum’ Sykes
Grand Master Terry ‘Fluffy’ Hatherly
Joint Masters Jill & Kevin ‘Super Truncheon & Truncheoness’ Reed
  Dave ‘Rabbit’ Rogers
On Sec Wendy ‘Cuddles’ Trower
Hash Cash Heather ‘Twanky’ Langton
Scribes and Religious Advisers Brenda ‘Cheddar’ Cotterill
  Bill ‘Spock’ Dorset
  Bryanie ‘Lady Byron’ Shackell
  Colin ‘Sturmeroid’ Sturmer
Hare Master Pete ‘Prod’ Morton
Hash Horn Angela ‘Gannett’ Sykes
Hash Hypermarketeer Richard ‘Windy’ Windemer
Hash Flash Helen ‘Blossom’ Stacey
Grand Master Viv ‘Grandma’ Horton
Joint Masters Dean ‘Rural Dean’ Kelly
  Judith ‘Gnashers’ Nash
On Sec Louise Boyle
Hash Cash Karine ‘McJock’ Kirkwood
Scribes and Religious Advisers Peter ‘Argyles’ Argles
  Liz ‘Bonkwell’ Balkwill
  Wally ‘Wally’ Lake
  Chris Perring
Hare Master Mike ‘Rasputin’ Rasdall
Hash Horn Bill ‘Lost’ Norris
Hash Hypermarketeer Helen ‘Psycho’ Saxby
Hash Flash Charlie Leach
Grand Master Richard ‘Gas Man’ Moody
Joint Masters Helen ‘Luffly’ Luff
  Steve ‘Timberdick’ Woodcock
On Sec Stephen ‘Hobo’ Hughes
Hash Cash Ceri ‘Crettin’ Critten
Scribes and Religious Advisers Terri ‘Nursey’ Bennett
  Steve ‘Interesting’ Snell
  Linda ‘Luscious’ Worsey
  Norman ‘Not Not’ Wright
Hare Master Alan ‘Justa’ Jackson
Hash Horn Paul ‘Aimless’ Ames
Hash Hypermarketeer Fiona ‘Vicar’s Daughter’ Kelly
Hash Flash Vernon ‘Veronica’ Pullin
Grand Master Simon ‘Trehanrahan’ Trehane
Joint Masters Thelma ‘T of G & T’ Broach
  Nigel ‘Niggly Wiggly’ Worsey
On Sec Kate ‘Kamikaze’ Norton
Hash Cash Rob ‘Bonking’ Ayland
Scribes and Religious Advisers Graham ‘G of G & T’ Broach
  Nick ‘Luffous’ Luff
  John ‘Orrible’ Ogle
  Jan ‘The Bat’ Shorrock
Hare Master Martin ‘Exocet’ Exley
Hash Horn Kevin ‘Lamp Post’ Fairclough
Hash Hypermarketeer Teresa ‘Randy’ Rands
Hash Flash Derek ‘Top Screw’ Wildash
Grand Master Ian ‘Lord Porky’ Mitchell
Joint Masters James ‘Lilly’ Langton
  Glenda ‘The Popess’ Pope
On Sec Terry ‘Fluffy’ Hatherly
Hash Cash Mike ‘The Pope’ Pope
Scribes and Religious Advisers Viv ‘Kacky 1’ Horton
  Martin Kaczmarak
  Antonia ‘Snotty’ Parker
  Colin ‘Sturmeriod’ Sturmer
Hare Master Dave ‘Chunter’ Chanter
Hash Horn Colin ‘Sturmeroid’ Sturmer
Hash Hypermarketeer Kevin ‘Kool Kev’ Downes
Hash Flash Peter ‘Boots & Saddles’ Thompson
Grand Master Geoff ‘ Mooney’ Hughes
Joint Masters Eric ‘Jogger’ Johnson
  Jan ‘Thighs’ Kaczmarak
On Sec Ann ‘Kacky 2’ Mitchell
Hash Cash David ‘Wimpey’ Spray
Scribes and Religious Advisers Tony ‘Lost Adjuster’ Bairstow
  Kate ‘Egg-Lady’ Barrand
  John ‘Jag’ Halford
  Tony ‘High & Mitey’ Pendleton
Hare Master Bob ‘Grandpa’ Westlake
Hash Horn Alan ‘Horny’ Ward
Hash Hypermarketeer Ingrid Palmer
Hash Flash Ray Heale
Grand Master Angus ‘Agnes’ Colville
Joint Masters Derek ‘Dippy’ Pearse
  Brian ‘Ram’ Steward
On Sec Carol Fields
Hash Cash Mike ‘Ramparts’ Hartnell
Scribes and Religious Advisers Jill ‘Broken Wing’ Allenby
  Rodney ‘Ramjet’ Glanville
  Di Kersey
  Pat White
Hare Master Paul ‘Glani’ Glanville
Hash Horn Chris ‘Worthless’ Worth
Hash Hypermarketeer Paul ‘Cuddly Dudley’ Dowden
Hash Flashes David ‘Son of Tarmac’ Arkle
  Joan Loftus
Grand Master Mike ‘Lord White’ White
Joint Masters Dave ‘Smoothy’ Balment
  Val ‘Chesty’ Jesty
On Sec Mike ‘Listening Bank’ Batten
Hash Cash Anthea ‘Voices’ Kelsey
On Scribes Andy ‘Flower Power’ Nelson
  Robin ‘Whingeing’ Watts
Hare Master Colin ‘Sturmeroids’ Sturmer
Hash Horn Rob ‘Laid Back’ Jesty
Hash Hypermarketeer Liz ‘Luvvy’ Loftus
Hash Flash Dick ‘Crazy’ Eastwood
Religious Advisers Alistair ‘Green Godess’ Carmichael
  Vaughan Goode
  Mike ‘Seesaw’ Kelsey
Grand Master Pete ‘Rashman’ Kersey
Joint Masters Julian ‘Livewire’ Greaves
  Lesley ‘Hot Stuff’ Mustard
On Sec Steve ‘Gold Top’ Callender
Hash Cash Mike ‘Pee 60’ Woodley
On Scribes Bill ‘Tarmac’ Arkle
  Al ‘Eh Jimmy’ Loftus
Hash Horn Brian ‘Cherubface’ Credicott
Hash Hypermarketeer Stella ‘Lady White’ White
Hash Flash Tony David
Religious Advisers Charlie ‘Charcoal’ Beilby
  Graham Moule
  Alan Wilton
Grand Master James ‘Mad Medic’ Allenby
Joint Masters Roy ‘Easy Rider’ Dyer
  Lesley Tracy
On Sec Mike ‘Mike Who’ Casebow
Hash Cash Louise ‘Louisiana’ Attwill
On Scribes Richard ‘His Fordship’ Radmore
  Reg Stokes
Hash Horn Elon ‘The Hulk’ Ellicott
Hash Hypermarketeer George ‘Hunter Killer’ Hunter
Hash Flash Andrew ‘Flasher’ Silcock
Religious Advisers Graham ‘Lotta Bottle’ Callender
  Godfrey Rehaag
  Robbie ‘T-Bone’ Valmerana
Grand Master Ivar Hellberg
Joint Masters Bill ‘Cream Soda’ Chapman
  Terry Lewis
On Sec Chris ‘Bloodnock’ Laurence-King
Hash Cash Sara ‘Short Cut’ Laurence King
On Scribe Simon ‘Ayatolla Simone’ Trehane
Hash Horn John Bowditch
Kitty Keepers David ‘Low Profile’ Simmons
  Martin Tracy
Religious Advisers David Leighton
  Noel Mullin
Many thanks to 'Hobo' and 'Silent' for compiling this information.